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Pożyteczna Café & Club

Blanka Popowska created a unique place – the “We Also Want to Be Foundation.”

Under the wings of the foundation, the Pożyteczna Café & Club was established, where under Blanka’s supervision, people with intellectual disabilities can learn to function in society, cook, serve customers, etc., every day.

It is a place for meetings, artistic workshops – a space for expression and creativity.

Together with other partners (Ziaja, AA, Bielenda, Lemiss, Bizuu, Jusee, Dafi), an exhibition of paintings made by the foundation’s beneficiaries was organized.

Portrayed were Agnieszka Radwańska, Doda, Anna Jagodzińska, Julia Wieniawa, Tomasz Ciachorowski, Stefano Terrazzino, and Robert Lewandowski.

The funds obtained from the sale of the paintings were allocated for the preparation of a theater hall.