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About Us...

Yves Mousson-Lestang
Founder, Co-owner of the Lilou brand

Businessman, together with his wife Magdalena Mousson-Lestang, they create a better reality by activating economic entities to work together. As one of the first in Poland, they incorporated into the philosophy of their brand the support for those in need, effectively aiding existing foundations and the initiatives they run. By making society aware of injustices and social inequalities, they promote the idea that business is the ideal space to unite forces for a noble cause.

Magdalena Mousson-Lestang
Founder, Creator, and Co-owner of the Lilou brand

With an open heart, she always finds a way to help others. Together with her team, she actively participates in numerous charitable campaigns. Through her brand, she demonstrates that jewelry is not only meant to adorn but also to convey a message and engage customers. As the creator of the Lilou brand, a designer, a wife, and a mother of three sons, she inspires not only with her attitude and experiences but above all with her humanity.

Mateusz Motyczyński
President, Board Member of the Lilou brand

For over 10 years, he has been involved in the strategy and development of the Lilou brand worldwide. He brings people together, uniting strengths and positive energy, using the most effective means to achieve a beneficial goal. He uses photography to express himself and unite people.